10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In The Bahamas

The following is ten most beautiful places to visit in the Bahamas

Grand Bahamas


It is located north of Bahamas, and this is one of the most known and popular islands and a major tourists attraction. It has stunning landscapes which are pocket-friendly for everyone. It also has beautiful beaches and a friendly atmosphere, has jewelry and crafted goods, fantastic dining and restaurants. You can fully enjoy massage and muscle growth as their spas are well recommended. 



It is one of the most known Caribbean cruise ship ports; tourists come to bask at the white sands of the cable beach, also they begin to explore museums, restaurants, shops and candy-colored buildings of the colonial located at downtown and Bay Street.

Harbor Island

This one of the oldest Bahamas settlements which is also the first parliament in the Bahamas. It’s most famous of the pink sand beaches, is an island, chic resorts and is also known by the locals as Briland which is a hideaway of the famous and the rich.

Andros Island


This is landmass which the largest in the Bahamas, have third largest barrier reef in the continent, also have underwater caves and many freshwater blue holes. This is the best destination for the divers.

Treasure Cay


This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world located at Great Abaco on the eastern shore. It has a spectacular stretch of aqua water and flour-sot sand where here visitors come to bask on its crescent-shaped, creamy shore

Elbow Cay


It is famous for its candy-striped lighthouse, have pretty palm-lined beaches, also has the best boating opportunities. There is a ferry which regularly runs from Marsh Harbour to Elbow Cay

Green turtle cay


Here the golf carts are mainly the mode of transport in settlement of the Plymouth. The islands beautiful reef-fringed beaches and crystal and clear waters which is the best deal on swimming, snorkeling, swimming and boating opportunities.



The island is the closest in the United States islands which lies around 88 kilometers east of Miami, Florida. It hosts tournaments of deep-sea fishing which are held from March to September.

Long Island


This one most beautiful island in the Bahamas, which has sandy beaches on the west coast, rocky and cliffs in the east. It is known for fishing, boating, diving and boasts unspoiled white and pink sand beaches.

Atlantis paradise island


It dominates the skyline of the paradise island, and it comprises entertainment complex, water-park, and some luxury hotels.